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UP Faith & Family Receives The Parents Television Council Seal of Approval

Parents Television Council Seal of ApprovalLOS ANGELES (July 23, 2019) – The Parents Television Council has announced that it has given its Seal of Approval® to UP Faith & Family, a commercial-free streaming service for families with content that is safe for families to watch together.

Like Netflix and Amazon Prime, UP Faith & Family offers a broad cross-section of genres, from original dramas and reality shows to documentaries and nature programs, to features based on classic children’s books, to feel-good romantic comedies. The key difference is that whereas Netflix and Amazon Prime have a substantial volume of mature-audiences-only programming to navigate around, virtually everything on UP Faith & Family is suitable for family audiences. Read the PTC’s full review here.

“UP Faith & Family has crafted a streaming video on demand service that can entertain families without being shocking, explicit or offensive. We believe there is a huge and woefully underserved marketplace for such a service, and as such, we proudly award it our PTC Seal of Approval®,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

“The PTC Seal of Approval is the gold standard in measuring the quality and suitability of family entertainment," said UPtv founder and CEO Charley Humbard. “As America’s favorite streaming service for families, we couldn't be more pleased to have received the PTC‘s highest rating.”

Explore Family-Friendly Shows on UP Faith & Family

Gil and Kelly Jo Bates might have 19 kids, but there's plenty of love to go around. Follow the Bates family as they navigate life -- and celebrate life's biggest moments from babies to weddings -- and learn positive lessons along the way.

With sextuplets -- under the age of six -- Ro and Mia McGhee try to balance their home life with the demands of running a business. There's never a dull moment and plenty of new milestones to be achieved for the McGhee family!

In this popular children's animated series, student owls - Gus, Joey, Violet, Nora and Twitch - go on adventures and learn about nature, faith and God.

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