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Get More Laughs Per Minute With Clean Comedy!

UP Faith & Family is bringing funny to your family. Laugh out loud from the comfort of your couch with clean comedy from stand-up comedians and sketch comedy like:

  • Super Saint (AKA Lester Barrie). This Christian pastor and clean comedian’s shows are hip, edgy, funny… and profanity-free!
  • Chonda Pierce. Billed as “The Queen of Clean”, she’s been making audiences laugh for decades by sharing stories about her Southern upbringing.
  • The Apostles of Comedy. These four Christian comedians share their lives as men of faith with a heaping helping of comedic flair.

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Hip, funny, edgy, and without profanity, not even a slip, Super Saint is guaranteed to make you laugh. Super Saint, AKA Lester Barrie is a Southern California Christian Pastor, a professional stand-up comedian, and former movie and television actor.

Four Christian comedians share their comedic skills, personal insights, and what inspires their comedy.

Chonda Courtney Pierce is an American comedian often billed as “The Queen of Clean.” She has been dubbed her “the country comic, ” as she has been making audiences laugh for decades simply by sharing stories about her southern upbringing. Enjoy three of her most popular specials: Family if Forever & Ever, Food, Family & Faith, and Home is Where the Heart Is.

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